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Translation Services: Hungarian-English or English-Hungarian

Our certified Hungarian translators and interpreters are adept in translation of a range of documents from Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian. We can additionally translate your documents via a second language if you require, for example from Russian into Hungarian and then into English, or Russian into English then into Hungarian. Examples of the document types we translate are detailed below and include

  • Economic, legal and technical documents including income statements, contracts and scientific texts.
  • Specialist texts requiring a high quality of literary style, for example for use on presentations, websites etc.
  • Personal documents including passports, diplomas and certificates.

We also offer a range of editing services including document preparation and proofreading, and a specialist service involving maintenance of formatting of your most complex documents throughout the translation and document preparation process.

We guarantee to always return your documents to you promptly. If however you have an urgent deadline to meet and require a translation post-haste, we can facilitate your needs with our “urgent” service where we will ensure your documents are returned to you as quickly as possible while guaranteeing the quality you expect from us. Please contact us for more details. We offer the best value for money on all our translation services; please click here to see our competitive prices.

Hungarian to English and English to Hungarian Translation Services

1. Hungarian economic and financial documents

The Hungarian economic and financial sectors have a specific terminology which must be adhered to in translation of Hungarian financial documents. Our experienced translators are well-versed in this terminology, including that of the Hungarian accounting standards and insurance services. We can translate all your Hungarian economic documents with unparalleled accuracy and professionalism, including: balance sheets and income statements; agreement and investment memoranda; bank guarantees; annual and audit committee reports; loan contracts and agreements.

2. Hungarian legal documents

Our certified translators guarantee to translate your Hungarian legal documents with the precision, care and attention to detail required by such sensitive and critical documents. We are highly experienced in the use of the terminology specific to the Hungarian legal and justice systems, and so can ensure our translations retain the integrity and clarity of language of the original. So you can be sure the translation you receive is accurate to the original and unambiguous in every paragraph, we will have a Hungarian legal advisor proofread our translations of your legal documents. If you wish, we can also have a solicitor perform the same service.

We will treat your legal documents with the utmost confidentiality.

3. Hungarian technical documents.

We can provide you with precise translations of any technical document, including scientific texts, technical hand-books and repair manuals, and catalogues for equipment or raw materials. We can additionally maintain full formatting of your technical documents, including positions of all included figures and formulae, and translation of accompanying figure captions.

It is common for technical documents to include a vocabulary specific to the subject matter which may be beyond the knowledge of even the most experienced and qualified translators. In order for us to provide you with the most accurate translation possible, we request that you provide us with a glossary of any specific abbreviations, acronyms, terminology or decoding requirements included in your document.

4. Personal Hungarian documents.

In the global community we live in, you may require translation of your personal documents including passports, diplomas, birth or marriage certificates and private letters. These documents typically require notarization before they can legally be used abroad; please click here to see our notarization and legalization services.

5. Specialized Hungarian documents

Specialist documents including literary texts, presentations and marketing or promotional materials may require the literary style and eloquence of the original to be conveyed in the translation; we are pleased to offer this service to our customers. Other texts may include books, website texts and personal or special messages.

On the other hand, a document such as a diploma or intra-corporate contract or memorandum may be destined only for a select group of readers for whom the content, and not the literary style is of primary importance, If this is the case, we recommend a common translation as the most appropriate, as this will provide you with the best value for money. Please contact us if you are unsure which translation style is most suitable for your needs.

Additional services

We offer a wide range of document preparation services supplementary to or separate from our main translation services, these include full preparation and/or formatting of any document, proofreading and editing. We also offer Hungarian interpretation services. Please contact us for more information.

We additionally offer a range of specialist services including Consular or Apostille Legalization of Hungarian documents prepared in Ireland for use abroad. We can also issue any number of notarized copies of translations you require, and certify these with our company seal. Please click here for more information on our certification and legalization services, and here for more information on the Apostille legalization process.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries you may have, or if you would like more information regarding any of our services. Our team of translators and interpreters will answer any queries in English or Hungarian, depending on your personal preference. You can email us on, call us 085 103 5252 or visit us in person; our offices are located in the centre of Dublin city, where we will be delighted to welcome you (please click here for more information, including how to find us and arrange a personal appointment).


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